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thyssenkrupp in Japan

thyssenkrupp's representative office in Tokyo is the central point of contact for all of thyssenkrupp products across the 12 industries in Japan.

At thyssenkrupp Japan, we focus on production, business development, program management, engineering, and the development of support centers for customers in 3 industries (Automotive, Construction, Infrastructure and buildings, and Mechanical & Plant Engineering industries).

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Supporting the automotive industry

Our global automotive components technology produces high-tech components for the automotive industry, the product range includes wide range of steels, assembled camshafts, cylinder head modules with integrated camshafts, crankshafts, steering and damping systems as Bilstein Brand, springs and stabilizers as we as assembly of axle modules with Just In Time delivery.

The business also supplies system engineering solution such as test benches, EOL testers, and so on, and supply chain management at production sites.

Our representative office in Tokyo provides key account management and engineering support for vehicle development at Japanese customers.

Construction, Infrastructure and Buildings

Supporting the construction, infrastructure and buildings industry

Our cities are growing rapidly. According to forecasts, the number of people living in cities is set to increase by three billion in the next 30 years. This will pose challenges for transport and traffic – and above all for infrastructure and the design of buildings.

With our business areas Elevator Technology, Materials Services, Steel Europe, and Components Technology we at thyssenkrupp have our sights set firmly on the future. We are working hard to develop innovative products and solutions that will make everyday life easier.
Passenger transportation in urban areas is an increasingly important issue. We have already developed a wide range of solutions in this area, as our TWIN® elevator system shows. This is the only elevator system in the world in which two cabs travel independently of each other in the same shaft. The technology requires 25 percent less space to transport the same number of passengers. In the MULTI cable-free elevator system, several cabs travel in a single shaft – both vertically and horizontally. Our service and maintenance solution MAX makes passenger transportation even more reliable and reduces downtimes by up to 50 percent.

As a result of ongoing urbanization, elevators gain particular prominence. Today, they are the safest and most widely used means of transportation in the world.

At thyssenkrupp we develop our innovations for urban transformation together with our customers. With our long experience, sound knowledge of the industry, and our eye for detail, we create products and solutions that are already visibly shaping the growing cities of tomorrow.

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Supporting the mechanical and plant engineering industry

At thyssenkrupp we help companies in the industry compete successfully in this environment. The Industrial Solutions business area is a globally established engineering and construction contractor. The Materials Services, Steel Europe, and Components Technologybusiness areas supply high-quality specialist components and materials. A wide range of innovations means thyssenkrupp is always a step ahead: Our strength is our ability to continuously improve state-of-the-art processing technologies and high-quality materials.

Our range of steel products extends from plain carbon structural steels to premium special steels with extreme hardness. Applications include production machinery, process equipment, and other engineering uses.

Manufacturers of tracked construction machinery around the globe rely on thyssenkrupp as their strategic partner for undercarriage components and systems. In addition, thyssenkrupp produces various engine components such as crankshafts, connecting rods, and camshafts, as well as custom slewing rings for use as turntables.

thyssenkrupp also designs and builds slewing rings for machinery, construction equipment, and cranes. The rings are custom engineered and manufactured in close consultation with customers. Optimized designs, an excellent power-to-weight ratio, an open center, and integrated gearing make thyssenkrupp slewing rings the ideal choice for bearings in industrial machinery. With our closed and segmented versions we are the world’s leading industry partner.

Whatever the project, our customers also profit from our vast experience and engineering expertise. Our global engineering and service network can always be relied upon.

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Our companies

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Japan) Ltd.

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Japan) Ltd. (UCEJ) is based in Tokyo, Japan and is an affiliate of thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers GmbH (tk UCE) in Dortmund, Germany. The company was formed as a result of a joint venture between thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and Industrie De Nora and we have a specialization in the field of electrolysis technologies for chlor-alkali production for over 40 years.

UCEJ currently presides mainly in Asia Pacific (excluding China), North America and Turkey, and is active in the business development in cooperation with other tk UCE companies in other regions (for instance, UCEI in Milan and UCEJ jointly executed Halo project in Torviscosa, Italy). Today, we focus on developing various types of membrane process electrolyzers from mono-polar type to the latest version of bi-polar type electrolyzer and has supplied these products to countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. As part of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, UCEJ also handles other projects such as Engineering & Procurement (EP) and Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC).

We have also engaged in various R & D activities and are now in a strong position, in cooperation with other tk UCE group companies, to allocate our resource of R & D to the development of other electrolysis technologies such as Alkaline Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen production, and Redox flow battery.

At thyssenkrupp, we continue to invest in research and development to study how these technologies can minimize the environmental impact of industries in Japan and across the world, and build on technological innovation in industrial electrolysis.

thyssenkrupp Access Japan

In Japan, our subsidiary thyssenkrupp Access Japan, supplies mobility solutions in both homes and public areas, and is the market leader in stairlifts and wheelchair lifts, helping thousands of people be more mobile. With a long history dating back to 1947, ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the oldest, most trusted providers of accessibility equipment and residential elevators, and is focused on finding new and innovative ways to enhance mobility for customers in Japan.

It is this commitment that helps us find clever mobility solutions. We also ensure that we are designing products with the user in mind, which is why customers and occupational therapists are deeply involved in our development process. As a result, we offer a wide selection of customized stairlifts that meet ergonomic requirements and feature a superior design, with the best of technical innovation and unmatched reliability.

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ThyssenKrupp Aerospace is a specialized business area of the ThyssenKrupp Group, with a focus on delivering raw materials and finished parts to the world’s leading aerospace companies, and running the end-to-end management function of their materials supply chain.

Our wide network of service centers across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific region allow us to function as a seamless supply chain on behalf of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Additionally, as a trusted partner to aerospace and defence companies, we help companies cut their supply costs by providing comprehensive services right from vendor management and logistics, to the delivery of processed metals, and through to kitting finished parts to customer specifications.

If you are a customer based in Japan or the rest of Asia, please contact the ThyssenKrupp Japan representative office. Alternatively, please contact ThyssenKrupp Aerospace directly.

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rothe erde Japan

thyssenkrupp rothe erde Japan Ltd., the exclusive manufacturer of Roballo Slewing Rings, has become a widely trusted provider of high quality slewing rings in the Japanese market, with more than five decades of extensive experience and technical know-how.

The company provides seamless rolled rings and bearings in diameters of over five meters, with bearings in diameters up to eight meters also available and supplied from our production unit in Germany. The success of rothe erde’s operations is based on precision manufacturing, through which complete process control is exercised in production. To guarantee that we supply only the best quality to our customers, the bearings (weighing up to 25 tons) are tested under the toughest conditions at our centers. Rothe erde’s products, which are subjected to extreme physical conditions for quality and durability, are used in wind turbines, tunnel boring machines, turbines, generators, hydraulic motors and offshore equipment.

We are well-positioned to serve the needs of customers across a wide range of businesses and we are present in three locations. Our head office is in Tokyo, with production facilities in Kitakyushu and Hakui.

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