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Benefits of working with us

Benefits of working with us

Advantages of being part of thyssenkrupp Japan

You can benefit greatly from working with us and our many international partners. Profit from our extensive expertise, our global network and find the optimal solution in our high quality products.

New product development

The tin can is impressively versatile. It holds everything from a quick snack or an ice-cold soda to hair sprays and styling products. But how come a soup can doesn't break when it falls onto the kitchen floor? And what happens to it after it disappears into the recycling bin? And who makes sure that it's convenient to use and good to look at? One thing's for sure: Even if the can is over 200 years old, it's still a real high-tech product – thanks to intensive research and development –a connerstone of our new product development process

We develop and produce such innovative products for many industries With our engineering expertise in the areas of “Material”, “Mechanical” and “Plant”, we enable our customers to meet the rising demand for “more” in a “better” way, gain an edge in the global market and manufacture innovative products in a cost- and resource-efficient way.

Our product developers are always a step ahead of their time. The aim is to identify future customer needs today and expand the product range in an innovative way. Constant further development is the basis for continued market success.


We produce highly-customised products and services catering to a variety of product segments. In today’s rapidly changing market, the ability to meet the specific and stringent demands of applications is our cutting edge. Some problems demand unique solutions and that means a team of highly specialised engineers are on standby to give you support when you need it

All our products and services come with a wide range of options for customising their functionality and appearance to suit your vision. The widest range of products and services, coupled with unparalleled design flexibility makes us the only provider you’ll ever need.

If you have any questions about what’s possible, our product experts are on hand to help.

Off-the-shelf products

A modern passenger aircraft is put together from millions of parts, like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. All these parts need to arrive in the assembly shop on time and with nothing missing. This is where we take over: We manage the supply chain for all outsourced aluminum and titanium parts and coordinates more than 500 suppliers. Examples like these highlight our capabilities in the global materials business: a strong international network, experience in managing complex projects, and special knowledge of the markets and industries. And with more than 500 locations in 34 countries, we are never far away from our customers.

A sophisticated warehouse, logistics and information logistics system ensures rapid availability while keeping overall inventories to a minimum. Every customer receives his materials not only just-in-time, but also in exactly the dimensions and shapes he needs them – as tailored, ready-made individual parts or produced in large volumes of several million units per year.

Increased efficiency

In the future, alternative power systems for road vehicles will be essential. But weight is a major challenge for electric mobility. So, we need to make cars lighter. Our researchers have developed a new steel grade that is not only very strong, but also very stiff. With our help, car manufacturers will be able to reduce the weight of their vehicles by around 30 percent compared with conventional steel solutions

As a diversified industrial group with high technology and materials expertise, we consider resource and energy efficiency as key divers of our competitiveness. Accordingly, we defined efficient process as an important component of our corporate program "impact" launched in 2011. In the context of impact, our group companies are oriented to the benchmarks of the respective industry.